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MySQL at FOSDEM 2019

In less than a month, on February 2–3, the largest open source conference in Europe, FOSDEM, will take place in Brussels. The MySQL Engineering Team will of course attend and present. Here’s a short overview of our sessions. If you want to talk to us about something, or if you just want to listen and learn, this is where you’ll find us:


On February 1, the day before FOSDEM, we make an early start with a Pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day. Attendance is free, but seating is limited, so registration is mandatory. The program is full of talks from MySQL Engineering and the community. Our own talks are:

  • 10:00–10:30 MySQL Shell – A devops-engineer day with MySQL’s development and administration tool by Miguel Araújo
  • 10:35–11:05 MySQL Shell : The best DBA tool? by Frédéric Descamps
  • 11:25–11:55 Tuning MySQL 8.0 InnoDB for high load by Dimitri Kravtchuk
  • 13:30–14:00 New index features in MySQL 8.0 by Erik Frøseth
  • 14:40–15:10 Regular expressions with full Unicode support by Martin Hansson
  • 16:50–17:20 8 Group replication features that will make you smile by Tiago Vale
  • 17:25–17:55 Document Store & PHP by David Stokes

After the MySQL Day, it’s time for the MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom Community Dinner (phew, that’s a mouthful — pun not intended). This will also take place at the ICAB Incubator, the same location as earlier in the day. Again, there’s a limit on attendance, so be sure to buy your ticket early.


This is the day of the MySQL devroom (i.e., track) at FOSDEM 2019. Like the Pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day, the conference itself is also free of charge. But here there’s no seat reservation. It’s first come, first served. If the room fills up, you have to wait.

The MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom is currently scheduled to take place in room H.1301 (Cornil), but please check the conference website before you show up. The room has already changed at least once since the program was announced.

MySQL Engineering is present with the following talks:

There will be a MySQL booth in the K building, and between talks you will find some of us hanging out there, ready to answer your questions.


The MySQL devroom is just a one-day track, but we still have our booth, and there are other devrooms. On Sunday, we have the following presentations lined up in the Geospatial devroom:

Both sessions cover contributions we’ve made to Boost Geometry for spatial functionality that we need in MySQL 8.0.

And that is the end of our scheduled program. We will hang out at the booth, or join everyone else waiting in line, whether it’s for waffles, beer or popular talks.

Update 2019–01–14: Added link to community dinner tickets and location of MySQL booth.