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MySQL 8.0.13 -- What's New With Connectors

Welcome to MySQL 8.0.13.   If you haven’t already read about all the great new updates please take a minute and read the announcement.  Along with all the new updates in the server we have a full complement of connectors t hat are now available and I wanted to take a moment to share our updates.

First I want to go over the changes related to the X DevAPI, our new API that merges the great relational power of MySQL with our new Document Store.  Unless specified, all of our MySQL 8.0 series connectors includes all the DevAPI updates.


Connection Pooling – One of the most expensive operations that a connector can do is to simply connect to the server.  This is especially true if you are using SSL/TLS (and  you should be!).  So we wanted to make sure all of our connectors implement a connection pool where idle connections are kept open and are available to be reused for future operations.    This is done by using the new getClient operation like this:

// default pooling options
var client = mysqlx.getClient('mysqlx://root@localhost:33060')
client.getSession().then(session => {} )

// overriding pooling options
var client = mysqlx.getClient('mysqlx://root@localhost:33060', {
    pooling: {
        maxSize: 20,
        maxIdleTime: 1000,
        queueTimeout: 1500

Connect Timeout – This is a simple control where you can control how long to wait for a connection to happen.  Not very exciting but certainly important!


The following are some of the key enhancements coming in each of our connectors that are not related to the DevAPI.

  • Connector/J
    • Protobuf library updated to 3.6.1
    • A new sslMode connection property has been introduced to replace the connection properties useSSL, requireSSL, and verifyServerCertificate, which are now deprecated
  • Connector/Net
    • Entity Framework 2.1 support
  • Connector/Python
    • Python 3.7 support
  • Connector/C++
    • Improve JSON parsing speed and efficiency
    • Enable building on Solaris
    • Implement Windows MSI packaging
  • Connector/ODBC
    • Enable support of Solaris
    • Add support for dynamic linking of libmysqlclient
  • PHP
    • Improve building by treating warnings as errors
    • Improve runtime error handling

Each of these products has their own announcement blog post giving more detail on the bugs fixed and features implemented and I would encourage you to read those.  Those links are:

As always, thank you for using MySQL products.  Please let us know what we are doing right and doing wrong and stay tuned for more exciting things coming in 8.0.14!