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MySQL 5.6 Replication - webinar replay
MySQL 5.6 Replication - Global Transaction IDs
MySQL 5.6 Replication - Global Transaction IDs

On Wednesday (16th May 2012), Mat Keep and I presented on the new replication features that are previewed as part of the latest MySQL 5.6 Development Release.

The replay for that webinar (together with the chart deck) is now available from here.

In addition, there were a huge number of great questions raised and we had a couple of  key engineers answering them on-line – view the Q&A transcript here.

A reminder of the topics covered in the webinar…

MySQL 5.6 delivers new replication capabilities which we will discuss in the webinar:

  • High performance with Multi-Threaded Slaves and Optimized Row Based Replication
  • High availability with Global Transaction Identifiers, Failover Utilities and Crash Safe Slaves & Binlog
  • Data integrity with Replication Event Checksums
  • Dev/Ops agility with new Replication Utilities, Time Delayed Replication and more