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The all new MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet

Following MySQL InnoDB Cluster as our first, fully integrated MySQL High Availability solution based on Group Replication, MySQL Shell 8.0.19 includes MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet which delivers another complete solution, this time based on MySQL Replication.

The basic idea for InnoDB ReplicaSet is to do the same for classic MySQL Replication as InnoDB Cluster did for Group Replication. We take a strong technology that is very powerful but can be complex, and provide an easy-to-use AdminAPI for it in the MySQL Shell.

In just a few easy to use Shell commands, a MySQL Replication database architecture can be configured from scratch including:

  • Data provisioning using MySQL CLONE,
  • Setting up replication
  • Performing manual switchover/failover.

Meet MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet!

Just like MySQL InnoDB Cluster, this is a fully integrated solution combining MySQL Shell with MySQL Server and MySQL Router.

MySQL Router understands the topology and will automatically load balance/redirect traffic.

As you can notice by comparing diagrams of both InnoDB Cluster and InnoDB ReplicaSet, only the Replication technology changes.


Here’s a demo on how to set up a Replication Topology with a primary and 2 secondaries, some maintenance operations and finally setting up MySQL Router:


Want to learn more?

Have a look at my presentation about MySQL Database architectures which covers both MySQL InnoDB Cluster & MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet:

MySQL 8.0.19 GA and all its components can be downloaded from

Enjoy, and Thank you for using MySQL!