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Group Replication support SAVEPOINT

Group Replication has been around as GA for some months now. Nonetheless, work continues and now we are happy to let you know that you can now use transaction savepoints when write-set extraction is enabled.

This enhancement was released as in MySQL 8.0.1.

The SAVEPOINT statement sets a named transaction allowing to parts of a transaction to be rolled back before COMMIT.

This behavior has some implications on write-set extraction, since on ROLLBACK TO the collected transaction write set – the identification of the changed rows on the current transaction – needs to be updated,  ensuring that the transaction changes and the corresponding write-sets are consistent between each other.

Moreover, now that SAVEPOINTS are supported when write-set extraction is enabled, mysqldump can be used with the –single-transaction option –single-transaction without the need of locks.

Download the new MySQL 8.0.1 DMR and check it out. As usual, lets us know your feedback, e.g., through bug reports, feature requests, the replication mailing list or even through comments on this or other blogs on this website. Mind you that MySQL 8.0.1 is a development milestone release (DMR), thence not declared generally available yet. Use it at your own risk.