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First MySQL Workbench Plugin Written By Community

I am happy to announce that the first Workbench plugin written by the community was published recently.Daniel Haas has written a code generation plugin for Propel, a database abstraction layer for PHP. You can download the plugin from Daniel’s blog that can be found here it is published under the GPL. He also provides the necessary steps to install the script. This is amazing in several ways. First, we have not yet published a comprehensive tutorial how to write plugins and scripts for Workbench because we have been fully loaded with other stuff. Vlad did a tutorial on this at the MySQL Users Conference but the Wiki pages have not been written yet. So Daniel took the hard way, figuring out a lot of things all by himself. Second, we are working on a better interface for plugins that makes writing them much easier. Again, this has not happened yet.Starting with MySQL Workbench 5.1 we will provide all this and in addition we are going to launch a dedicated section on this page that allows people to share their Workbench plugins (think Firefox Extensions). At the same time Sergei is working on an easier way to install plugins with simple drag’n’drop from the web browser.We are looking forward to a large set of plugins that will make Workbench even more powerful for developers in the future.