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Fedora 22 is out, and we're ready

Fedora 22 arrived yesterday. With a cutting edge GCC (5.1), the new DNF package management system, and improved tooling for server administration, we congratulate the Fedora community on yet another innovative release.

We’re following up from our side, and as of yesterday our repos offer Fedora 22 packages of these products:

  • MySQL Server 5.6 (currently 5.6.24) and 5.7 (currently 5.7.7). The latter one is the latest 5.7 Development Milestone Release.
  • Connector ODBC 5.3.4
  • Connector Python 2.0.4
  • Utilities 1.5.4

We also have MySQL Workbench for Fedora 22 wending its way through QA. Keep an eye out for it in a week or two.

Head over to the Linux repo page on (the page currently refers to Yum only — we’ll fix that asap) to get the Fedora 22 setup package. And as usual, please add general comments below, or submit specific issues or feature requests to the MySQL bug tracker.