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Adding Support in MySQL 8 for openSUSE and SLE 15

With the release of MySQL 8.0.13 yesterday, we added support in MySQL 8 for SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) 15, the brand new version of one of the key enterprise Linux distros out there. At the same time, we also introduced support for SLE 15’s community twin, openSUSE Leap 15. So as of yesterday, all MySQL 8 server and client products are available both for SLE and openSUSE 15.

Now, with that announcement out of the way, we’ll take the opportunity to make an interesting and hopefully relevant observation about the version numbering that openSUSE has adopted as of version 15. You may recall that we did a version numbering adjustment when we released the original GA version of MySQL 8.0, by jumping the version number from 8.0.4 up to 8.0.11 at GA time and aligning almost all MySQL products to the same numbering. We did that not just because “it goes to 11” is a cool thing to say, we did it because aligning version numbers across a product family makes it much easier for developers and users to understand what goes together in sometimes complex setups.

Now, openSUSE did a similar, albeit rather more radical exercise, by going from version 42 down to 15 in order to align with its twin sister SLE. And the effect is the same as for MySQL: alignment in version numbering across related products and an overall easier time for developers and users. Our own experience with adding openSUSE 15 support is a case in point: we’ve long had a guilty conscience over not providing our own, official set of MySQL packages for openSUSE, but the new alignment has made this a cinch: build on openSUSE 15, then test and publish identical packages for openSUSE and SLE 15 to our download site and online repos.

So from all of us: enjoy MySQL 8 on openSUSE and SLE 15, and keep those feature requests and bug reports coming. Cheers!