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5 Steps to get started then scale with MySQL Cluster - webinar replay available

Last week’s webinar on getting started with MySQL Cluster and the scaling it out is now available to download fromĀ

MySQL Cluster - getting started webinar

It was great that so many people were able to attend live but if you missed it then the replay is a good way to catch up.

This session demonstrates how to start an evaluation of the MySQL Cluster database in 5 easy steps, and then how to expand your deployment for web & telecoms-scale services.
The getting started section covers:
  1. Getting the software
  2. Installing it
  3. Configuring it
  4. Running it
  5. Testing it
Scaling for HA and the web describes how to:
  1. Review the requirements for a HA configuration
  2. Install the software on more servers
  3. Update & extend the configuration from a single host to 4
  4. Roll out the changes
  5. On-line scaling to add further nodes

After a quick introduction, the webinar is very much a hands-on demonstration of these steps; if you want to try it for yourself then I’d suggest also downloading the MySQL Cluster quick start guide for your platform where you’ll also find a Flash video showing the creation of a MySQL Cluster in real-time.