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1 Billion Queries Per Minute - MySQL Cluster 7.2 is GA!

1 Billion queries per minute with MySQL Cluster
1 Billion queries per minute with MySQL Cluster
Oracle have just announced that MySQL Cluster 7.2 is now GA and available for production deployments.

Amongst the highlights for the release are:

  • Performance enhancements delivering 1 billion queries per minute, using just 8 data nodes
  • 70x higher JOIN performance with Adaptive Query Localization, enabling real-time analytics across live data sets
  • New NoSQL API via Memcached, creating a persistent, key-value datastore for schema and schemaless data
  • Auto-sharding across data centers with synchronous replication for scaling of highly available, global services
  • Simplified ease-of-use with new options for on-premise and cloud deployments
  • Integration with the latest MySQL 5.5 GA release

You can find more of the details on this release together with links to lots of resources from this MySQL Dev-Zone article – “MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA Released, Delivers 1 BILLION Queries per Minute”