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MySQL PHP API  /  Original MySQL API  /  Predefined Constants

5.3 Predefined Constants

Copyright 1997-2014 the PHP Documentation Group.

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

Since PHP 4.3.0 it is possible to specify additional client flags for the mysql_connect and mysql_pconnect functions. The following constants are defined:

Table 5.3 MySQL client constants

MYSQL_CLIENT_COMPRESSUse compression protocol
MYSQL_CLIENT_IGNORE_SPACEAllow space after function names
MYSQL_CLIENT_INTERACTIVEAllow interactive_timeout seconds (instead of wait_timeout) of inactivity before closing the connection.
MYSQL_CLIENT_SSLUse SSL encryption. This flag is only available with version 4.x of the MySQL client library or newer. Version 3.23.x is bundled both with PHP 4 and Windows binaries of PHP 5.

The function mysql_fetch_array uses a constant for the different types of result arrays. The following constants are defined:

Table 5.4 MySQL fetch constants

MYSQL_ASSOCColumns are returned into the array having the fieldname as the array index.
MYSQL_BOTHColumns are returned into the array having both a numerical index and the fieldname as the array index.
MYSQL_NUMColumns are returned into the array having a numerical index to the fields. This index starts with 0, the first field in the result.

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