WL#4061: Online Backup: Beta Release

Affects: Server-6.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Low

Prepare online backup for the first beta release of Online Backup.

This is a minimal set of features that could still be perceived 
as "fully baked".

This release shall support the following features:

- Database-level backup and restore 
- Metadata backup includes database and table CREATE and GRANT statements
- Point-in-time Recovery
- Default (blocking logical table scan) driver for all storage engines
- Consistent Snapshot (non-blocking logical table scan) driver for storage
  engines that support consistent read (e.g., InnoDB)
- Native drivers for MyISAM and Archive storage engines


MILESTONE A [9 Nov, Jeffrey demo 12 Nov]:
- WL#3576 OB: PTR (Sync w/ binlog & rpl)                 DONE
- BUG#31538 Backup file is too large (Was: BUG#30340)    DONE
- WL#4120 Breakpoints for testing [New task 2007-11-08]  DONE

MILESTONE B [16 Nov, Jeffrey demo 19 Nov]:
- WL#4063 Finalize stream format                         DONE
- WL#3956 Online Backup: Commit Blocker                  DONE
- BUG#31383 Consistent Snapshot                          DONE
- WL#4090 Only root should be able to do backup/restore  DONE
- WL#866 Online backup: MyISAM native driver             DONE      

MILESTONE C [23 Nov, Jeffrey demo 26 Nov]:
- WL#4062 OB: Meta-data freeze (Was: WL#3573)            DONE
- WL#4060 Kernel updates for beta release                DONE
- WL#4116 Record OB Progress (Was:WL#3329)               DONE
- WL#4150 Disable FK (New 2007-11-21)                    DONE

MILESTONE D [30 Nov, Jeffrey demo ?? ???]:
- WL#4064 Online Backup: Adapt native MyISAM        POSTPONED


Some notes:
- A milestone is reached if the code is pushed into team tree.
- The team tree shall be kept quite up to date with main tree.
- BUG#30340 is a duplicate of BUG#31538
- WL#4062 is a specialization of WL#3573 and WL#4116 is a
  specialization of WL#3329.  The original tasks contain ideas for
  extra features that we will not support.

- WL#4073 Backup and restore table permissions
- WL#3588 OB: SHOW GRANTS with more information

No HLS needed.  All work done in subtasks.
-- Lars, 2007-10-10
No LLD needed.  All work done in subtasks.
-- Lars, 2007-10-10