WL#3573: Online backup: Table def backup

Affects: Server-6.0   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Low

The idea is to use CREATE TABLE statements as returned by SHOW CREATE
TABLE ... command.

Subtask: given a table name return a string containing CREATE TABLE ... SQL
statement which will re-create it.

The idea is to look into implementation of SHOW CREATE TABLE and see where one
can get the command. My guess is that it is taken from some INFORMATION_SCHEMA
table which is filled upon its creation.

Subtask: given a CREATE TABLE statement for a table, execute it in a safe
environment. Brian suggest using an event for that purpose.

Subtask: decide on an interface with the backup kernel -- a way of adding the
CREATE statements found to the global backup image.

This worklog has evolved from the prototype work. 
It originally specified meta data freeze but 
that work has been moved to WL#4062.
Internal functions.  No HLS needed.
-- Lars, 2007-10-10
Internal functions.  No HLS needed.
-- Lars, 2007-10-10