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WL#11540 Support 2 active passwords per user account 2019-01-08 13:40:57 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#12165 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, CAPTURE QUERY_ID 2019-01-08 13:39:00 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11605 Alter table with character set conversion as inplace operation, Step 1, NO INDEX 2019-01-08 13:38:13 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11875 update early "buffered" logging to make full use of the new error logging system 2019-01-08 13:33:27 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#12393 Logging: Add new global variable, log_slow_extra, for richer slow logging 2019-01-08 13:32:36 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#12138 Add Admin Port 2019-01-08 11:42:26 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#12236 CREATE TABLESPACE without DATAFILE clause 2019-01-08 11:39:53 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#9508 InnoDB: Support CREATE/ALTER/DROP UNDO TABLESPACE 2019-01-08 11:38:57 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#12300 Automatically configure default redo log file size for innodb dedicated server 2019-01-08 11:13:16 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11720 InnoDB: Parallel read of index 2019-01-08 11:09:17 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#12438 mysql-server-mock: exec_time for handshakes 2019-01-08 11:06:19 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11318 persist last known set of metadata servers 2019-01-08 11:05:01 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#9270 X Protocol Prepared Statement execution 2019-01-08 11:01:19 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11000 ST_Distance with unit 2019-01-08 10:59:48 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#9571 Remove trivial conditions before outer to inner join transformation 2019-01-08 10:56:54 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#11574 Add JSON_ARRAYAGG and JSON_OBJECTAGG windowing functions 2019-01-08 10:53:46 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#461 Derived tables dependent of outer select. 2019-01-08 10:48:46 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#8652 Lateral derived tables 2019-01-08 10:45:29 Server-8.0 Complete
WL#556 Automatic disabling of duplicated keys: 2018-12-01 22:18:34 Server-7.1 Un-Assigned
WL#12129 Deprecate SQL_MODE PAD_CHAR_TO_FULL_LENGTH 2018-10-13 16:36:16 Server-8.0 Complete