5.1.15 The staff Table

The staff table lists all staff members, including information for email address, login information, and picture.

The staff table refers to the store and address tables using foreign keys, and is referred to by the rental, payment, and store tables.

  • staff_id: A surrogate primary key that uniquely identifies the staff member.

  • first_name: The first name of the staff member.

  • last_name: The last name of the staff member.

  • address_id: A foreign key to the staff member address in the address table.

  • picture: A BLOB containing a photograph of the employee.

  • email: The staff member email address.

  • store_id: The staff member home store. The employee can work at other stores but is generally assigned to the store listed.

  • active: Whether this is an active employee. If employees leave, their rows are not deleted from this table; instead, this column is set to FALSE.

  • username: The user name used by the staff member to access the rental system.

  • password: The password used by the staff member to access the rental system. The password should be stored as a hash using the SHA2() function.

  • last_update: When the row was created or most recently updated.