5.1.2 The address Table

The address table contains address information for customers, staff, and stores.

The address table primary key appears as a foreign key in the customer, staff, and store tables.

  • address_id: A surrogate primary key used to uniquely identify each address in the table.

  • address: The first line of an address.

  • address2: An optional second line of an address.

  • district: The region of an address, this may be a state, province, prefecture, etc.

  • city_id: A foreign key pointing to the city table.

  • postal_code: The postal code or ZIP code of the address (where applicable).

  • phone: The telephone number for the address.

  • last_update: When the row was created or most recently updated.

  • location: A Geometry column with a spatial index on it.


    The spatial location column is supported as of MySQL 5.7.5. This column is added only when executing the Sakila SQL files against MySQL server 5.7.5 and higher. Additionally, SPATIAL KEY idx_location is also added.