MySQL Router Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Router 8.4.1 (2024-07-01, LTS Release)

Changes in MySQL Router 8.4.1 (2024-07-01, LTS Release)

Bugs Fixed

  • System variable changes were not propagated when read-write splitting was enabled. (Bug #36674083)

  • Current schema changes were not propagated to shared connections when both read-write splitting and connection sharing were enabled. (Bug #36663727)

  • MySQL Router always updates the last_check_in in the Metadata Schema when it starts, even if the Cluster is INVALIDATED, leading to an errant transaction. As of this release, MySQL Router does not update last_check_in if the Cluster is INVALIDATED. (Bug #36563430)

  • Increased the maximum router_id value from 999999 to 4294967295 (2^32-1). This also affects how the internal metadata_cache user name is defined. (Bug #36393211)