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MySQL Connector/NET Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 6.9  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.9.5 (2014-11-12, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.9.5 (2014-11-12, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Connector/NET now sends EXPLAIN report data to MySQL Enterprise Monitor as supported by the MySQL server. Before, EXPLAIN data was only sent for SELECT statements.

Bugs Fixed

  • A SELECT query that had a nullable DATETIME field in a child ".Any()" clause with an ".OrderBy()" would raise an exception. (Bug #19795761)

  • Generated code that matched against the start of a VARCHAR/CHAR column now correctly uses "LIKE" instead of location functions for the LINQ to Entity operators "StartsWith", "Contains", and "EndsWith". Locate functions do not make use of indexes placed on the VARCHAR/CHAR columns, which caused significant performance degradation. (Bug #19783747, Bug #19680236, Bug #19944400, Bug #72058)

  • The web providers registration required the removal of the ".v20" suffix from the type in the web providers section in machine.config. (Bug #19715398, Bug #74080)

  • Generated SQL was missing several clauses, such as OrderBy, GroupBy, and Skip), in cases that involved the "let" keyword, or in other scenarios that were translated into a DbApplyExpression. (Bug #19698010, Bug #19783760, Bug #19944549, Bug #73549)

  • LINQ to Entities queries failed for the cases that contained a predicate using IList.Contains with an argument of "DbCastExpression, DbConstantExpression, DbParameterReferenceExpression". (Bug #19690370, Bug #19783755, Bug #19944528, Bug #73643)

  • A SELECT query that had a nullable DATETIME field in a child .Any() clause with an .OrderBy() would fail and emit a NotImplementedException exception. (Bug #19681723, Bug #19795751, Bug #70722)

  • The query optimization routine would return statements with invalid table aliases when nested queries were being optimized. This would throw an "Unknown column" exception. (Bug #19681348, Bug #19934324, Bug #72004)

  • The "Feature will be installed when required" option was removed from the features list in the Connector/NET installer due to it not supporting on-demand installations because of dependencies with the assemblies. (Bug #19670596, Bug #19681113)

  • A memory leak was fixed. (Bug #19467233, Bug #19474480, Bug #19474510, Bug #73122)

  • The CreateUser function did not trim whitespace before storing values into the database, while MembershipUser did return trimmed values. The trimming is now performed before the data is stored. (Bug #19453313, Bug #19459461, Bug #19459436, Bug #73411)

  • Queries with collations using the _utf16le character set were not read correctly and instead yielded a "not presented key in dictionary" error. (Bug #19446614, Bug #19355906, Bug #19446571, Bug #72737)

  • MySQL Connector/NET would sometimes attempt to call stored procedures when it should not. (Bug #19446554, Bug #19446523, Bug #19325120, Bug #72736)

  • "LINQ to Entities" queries that used Views with the Take operator were not correctly generated. This problem affected EF "Database First" scenarios. (Bug #19356006, Bug #19789288, Bug #72148)