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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.8.2 (2013-12-13, Release Candidate)

MySQL Connector/Net 6.8.2 is a new version of the .NET driver for MySQL. This is a Release Candidate (RC) release for the 6.8.x series and is not recommended for production environments.

It is appropriate for use with the MySQL server versions 5.0-5.6.

Bugs Fixed

  • Connector/NET did not add the AUTO_INCREMENT property to a primary key column of type BIGINT when creating a model in Entity Framework. (Bug #17924407, Bug #17937401, Bug #70602)

  • Code First automatic migration failed with foreign keys when using Entity Framework 5. (Bug #17924399, Bug #70795)

  • Fractional part of a value read by MySqlDataReadeer.GetTimeSpan() from a TIME(3)-typed field was dropped. (Bug #17923814, Bug #70377)

  • Connector/NET threw a NullReferenceException when trying to save an entity into a table with a tinyint or bigint auto-incremented primary key. (Bug #17866076, Bug #70888)

  • Model First was broken for string columns with unbounded length. (WL #838)

  • Stack overflow exceptions were thrown on spatial types.