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MySQL Connector/NET Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 6.7  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.7.4 (2013-07-01, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.7.4 (2013-07-01, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • When using Entity Framework 5.0, some string patterns in a LINQ query caused MySQL to throw syntax errors when they were passed to the Contains(), StartsWith(), or EndsWith() methods. (Bug #16974405, Bug #69409)

  • The installation of "MySQL for Visual Studio 1.0.2" was broken after installing Connector/NET 6.7.x, because the data provider was not found after uninstalling MySQL for Visual Studio. (Bug #16973456)

  • The LINQ query would return the error "An error of "Unknown column 'Distinct1.nCdSite' in 'where clause'" when using Distinct().Count(). (Bug #16950146, Bug #68513)

  • When using automatic migrations in Entity Framework 5.0, the database objects were given the 'dbo' prefix. This incorrect prefix is no longer generated. (Bug #16909439)

  • When the IIS application pool reset the worker processes at a specific time, the MySQL session state store would crash the w3wp.exe process and the request resulted in a crash error message. There are no longer ASP.NET crash yellow pages or bad exceptions. Session expiration is now handled properly. (Bug #16909237, Bug #67665)

  • Connector/NET threw a fatal error when trying to read a MySQL table that used the UTF-16 or UTF-32 character set. Mappings for UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings have now been added. (Bug #16776818, Bug #69169)

  • An "DBUpdateException saving changes" exception was thrown while inserting data that had Identify columns. The data is now stored in the table.

    A workaround was to set global sql_mode = "ANSI";. (Bug #16494585)

  • Sometimes data was not returned when a socket connection was slow, interrupted, or delayed. The timeout is now properly reported as an error to the upper layers. (Bug #69039, Bug #16950212)

  • Using a nested projection causes a malformed query to be created, and spurious data to be returned. (Bug #67183, Bug #16872852)

  • Generated "LINQ to Entities" queries are no longer as nested. In other words, two similar queries with one nested inside the other are now flattened into a simple query. This provides better performance for large result sets. (Bug #65723, Bug #16973939)

  • An exception was thrown when populating DataTable with query fields containing a UNIQUE index or constraint NULL. There is no longer an exception thrown, and the DataTable.Fill method terminates correctly (filling the data). (Bug #65065, Bug #16952323)