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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.5.0 (2011-12-22, Beta)

First beta release.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added interceptor classes for exceptions and commands. For more information, see Using the Connector/NET Interceptor Classes.

  • Added fractional seconds support, as per MySQL Server 5.6 and above. For more information, see Fractional Seconds in Time Values

  • Added better partial-trust support, thus allowing Connector/NET to run in a partial trust scenario. It will work correctly in a medium-trust level environment when the library is installed in the GAC. For more information, see Working with Partial Trust / Medium Trust.

  • Adds a MySqlClientPermission class to help users define the security policies for the database connections within any application using a MySQL database.

  • Added better IntelliSense support, including auto-completion when editing stored procedures or .mysql files.

Bugs Fixed

  • The MySqlDataReader.GetDateTime() method was not recognizing that TIMESTAMP values had already been converted to the local time zone of the MySQL server, which could cause incorrect results if the value was later processed through the ToLocalTime() method. The fix causes the Kind property to be correctly set to Local rather than Unspecified. (Bug #13591554, Bug #63812)

  • Visual Studio 2010 Table Designer could give an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object for schemas with certain combinations of column names and foreign key references. The SQL syntax was incorrect for the ALTER TABLE statement generated by the Table Designer. (Bug #13591545, Bug #63714)