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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.1.0 (2009-07-15, Alpha)

This is the first Alpha release of 6.1.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Changed GUID type - The back-end representation of a guid type has been changed to be CHAR(36). This is so you can use the server UUID() function to populate a GUID table. UUID generates a 36 character string. Developers of older applications can add old guids=true to the connection string and the old BINARY(16) type will be used instead.

  • Support for native output parameters - This is supported when connected to a server that supports native output parameters. This includes servers as of 5.5.3 and 6.0.8.

  • Session State Provider - This enables you to store the state of your website in a MySQL server.

  • Website Configuration Dialog - This is a new wizard that is activated by clicking a button on the toolbar at the top of the Visual Studio Solution Explorer. It works in conjunction with the ASP.NET administration pages, making it easier to activate and set advanced options for the different MySQL web providers included.