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Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.4 (2007-11-20)

Bugs Fixed

  • Setting the size of a string parameter after the value could cause an exception. (Bug #32094)

  • Creation of parameter objects with noninput direction using a constructor failed. This was cause by some old legacy code preventing their use. (Bug #32093)

  • A date string could be returned incorrectly by MySqlDateTime.ToString() when the date returned by MySQL was 0000-00-00 00:00:00. (Bug #32010)

  • A syntax error in a set of batch statements could leave the data adapter in a state that appears hung. (Bug #31930)

  • Installing over a failed uninstall of a previous version could result in multiple clients being registered in the machine.config. This would prevent certain aspects of the MySQL connection within Visual Studio to work properly. (Bug #31731)

  • MySQL Connector/NET would incorrectly report success when enlisting in a distributed transaction, although distributed transactions are not supported. (Bug #31703)

  • Data cached from the connection string could return invalid information because the internal routines were not using case-sensitive semantics. This lead to updated connection string options not being recognized if they were of a different case than the existing cached values. (Bug #31433)

  • Trying to use a connection that was not open could return an ambiguous and misleading error message. (Bug #31262)

  • Column name metadata was not using the character set as defined within the connection string being used. (Bug #31185)

  • Memory usage could increase and decrease significantly when updating or inserting a large number of rows. (Bug #31090)

  • Commands executed from within the state change handler would fail with a NULL exception. (Bug #30964)

  • Extracting data through XML functions within a query returns the data as System.Byte[]. This was due to MySQL Connector/NET incorrectly identifying BLOB fields as binary, rather than text. (Bug #30233)

  • When running a stored procedure multiple times on the same connection, the memory usage could increase indefinitely. (Bug #30116)

  • Column types with only 1-bit (such as BOOLEAN and TINYINT(1) were not returned as boolean fields. (Bug #27959)

  • When accessing certain statements, the command would timeout before the command completed. Because this cannot always be controlled through the individual command timeout options, a default command timeout has been added to the connection string options. (Bug #27958)

  • The server error code was not updated in the Data[] hash, which prevented DbProviderFactory users from accessing the server error code. (Bug #27436)

  • The MySqlDbType.Datetime has been replaced with MySqlDbType.DateTime. The old format has been obsoleted. (Bug #26344)

  • Changing the connection string of a connection to one that changes the parameter marker after the connection had been assigned to a command but before the connection is opened could cause parameters to not be found. (Bug #13991)