MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual  /  Installing and Upgrading MySQL

Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading MySQL

Table of Contents     [+/-]

2.1 MySQL Installation Overview
2.2 Determining Your Current MySQL Version
2.3 Notes for MySQL Enterprise Server     [+/-]
2.4 Notes for MySQL Community Server     [+/-]
2.5 How to Get MySQL
2.6 Verifying Package Integrity Using MD5 Checksums or GnuPG     [+/-]
2.7 Installation Layouts
2.8 Compiler-Specific Build Characteristics
2.9 Standard MySQL Installation from a Binary Distribution
2.10 Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows     [+/-]
2.11 Installing MySQL on OS X
2.12 Installing MySQL on Linux Using RPM Packages
2.13 Installing MySQL on Solaris
2.14 Installing MySQL on i5/OS
2.15 Installing MySQL on NetWare
2.16 Installing MySQL on Unix/Linux Using Generic Binaries
2.17 Installing MySQL from Source     [+/-]
2.18 Postinstallation Setup and Testing     [+/-]
2.19 Upgrading or Downgrading MySQL     [+/-]
2.20 Operating System-Specific Notes     [+/-]
2.21 Environment Variables
2.22 Perl Installation Notes     [+/-]

End of Product Lifecycle. Active development for MySQL Database Server version 5.0 has ended. Oracle offers various support offerings which may be of interest. For details and more information, see the MySQL section of the Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Technology Products ( Please consider upgrading to a recent version.

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