6.2 Compiling NDB Cluster with Memcache Support

Support for the Memcache API is built automatically using the memcached and libevent sources included in the NDB Cluster sources when compiling NDB from source. By default, make install places the memcached binary in the NDB Cluster installation bin directory, and the ndbmemcache engine shared object file ndb_engine.so in the installation lib directory.

You can disable use of the bundled memcached when building ndbmemcache, by using -DWITH_BUNDLED_MEMCACHED=OFF; you can instead use your own system's memcached server and sources, installed in path, with -DWITH_BUNDLED_MEMCACHED=OFF -DMEMCACHED_HOME=path. You can also cause your system's version of libevent to be used, rather than the version bundled with NDB Cluster, by using the -DWITH_BUNDLED_LIBEVENT=OFF option.

For additional information about CMake options relating to ndbmemcache support, see Options for Compiling NDB Cluster.

For general information about building NDB Cluster, see Building NDB Cluster from Source on Linux, and Compiling and Installing NDB Cluster from Source on Windows. For information about building MySQL Server from source, see Installing MySQL from Source, as well as MySQL Source-Configuration Options.