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6.1 Using MySQL AdminAPI

AdminAPI is provided by MySQL Shell, and is accessed through the dba global variable and its associated methods. The dba variable's methods provide operations which enable you to deploy, configure, and administer InnoDB Cluster, InnoDB ClusterSet, and InnoDB ReplicaSet. For example, use the dba.createCluster() method to create an InnoDB Cluster. In addition, AdminAPI supports administration of some MySQL Router related tasks, such as creating and updating users that enable you to integrate your InnoDB Cluster, InnoDB ClusterSet, and InnoDB ReplicaSet.

AdminAPI supports the following deployment scenarios:

  • Production deployment: if you want to use a full production environment you need to configure the required number of machines and then deploy your server instances to the machines.

  • Sandbox deployment: if you want to test a deployment before committing to a full production deployment, the provided sandbox feature enables you to quickly set up a test environment on your local machine. Sandbox server instances are created with the required configuration and you can experiment to become familiar with the technologies employed.


    An AdminAPI sandbox deployment is not suitable for use in a full production environment.

MySQL Shell provides two scripting language modes, JavaScript and Python, in addition to a native SQL mode. Throughout this guide MySQL Shell is used primarily in JavaScript mode. When MySQL Shell starts it is in JavaScript mode by default. Switch modes by issuing \js for JavaScript mode, and \py for Python mode. Ensure you are in JavaScript mode by issuing the \js.


MySQL Shell enables you to connect to servers over a socket connection, but AdminAPI requires TCP connections to a server instance. Socket based connections are not supported in AdminAPI.

This section assumes familiarity with MySQL Shell; see MySQL Shell 8.0 for further information. MySQL Shell also provides online help for the AdminAPI. To list all available dba commands, use the method. For online help on a specific method, use the general format'methodname'). For example:


Retrieves a cluster from the Metadata Store.


  dba.getCluster([name][, options])


  name: Parameter to specify the name of the cluster to be returned.
  options: Dictionary with additional options.

In addition to this documentation, there is developer documentation for all AdminAPI methods in the MySQL Shell JavaScript API Reference or MySQL Shell Python API Reference, available from Connectors and APIs.