MySQL Router 2.1  /  Installation

Beta Draft: 2017-03-28

Chapter 2 Installation

This chapter describes how to obtain and install MySQL Router. Downloads are available from the download site.

Alternatively, MySQL Router can be installed using bootstrapping. Bootstrapping also allows isolated installations.


  • An operating system with a compiler that supports C++11.

    Example systems that include this support are Ubuntu 14.04 and later, Oracle Linux 7, and macOS 10.10 and later.

    Oracle Linux 6 works as well, but you have to install the Software Collection Library 1.2. For RedHat and CentOS, see Docs and Downloads. For Oracle Linux, see Docs and Downloads.

  • MySQL Client Libraries development packages. For example, on Ubuntu this is the libmysqlclient-dev package.

  • CMake 2.8.9 or later.

  • Protobuf 3.0

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