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2.2.7 Setting the Source Configuration on the Replica

To set up the replica to communicate with the source for replication, configure the replica with the necessary connection information. To do this, on the replica, execute the following CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE TO statement, replacing the option values with the actual values relevant to your system:

    ->     SOURCE_HOST='source_host_name',
    ->     SOURCE_USER='replication_user_name',
    ->     SOURCE_PASSWORD='replication_password',
    ->     SOURCE_LOG_FILE='recorded_log_file_name',
    ->     SOURCE_LOG_POS=recorded_log_position;

Replication cannot use Unix socket files. You must be able to connect to the source MySQL server using TCP/IP.

The CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE TO statement has other options as well. For example, it is possible to set up secure replication using SSL. For a full list of options, and information about the maximum permissible length for the string-valued options, see CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE TO Statement.


As noted in Section 2.2.3, “Creating a User for Replication”, if you are not using a secure connection and the user account named in the SOURCE_USER option authenticates with the caching_sha2_password plugin (the default in MySQL 8.3), you must specify the SOURCE_PUBLIC_KEY_PATH or GET_SOURCE_PUBLIC_KEY option in the CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE TO statement to enable RSA key pair-based password exchange.