2.2 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent

The Agent collects data from the monitored instance and host, and transmits that data to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The Agent can be installed on the same host as the MySQL instance or on a different host.

  • Provides the direct monitoring of the MySQL server, including checking the server accessibility, configuration, obtaining the server ID, and setting up the environment to enable collecting more detailed information. In addition to the information accessible by accessing variable and configuration information within the server, other configuration parameters, such as the replication topology, are also collected from the server.

  • Collects the operating system specific information, including RAM, disk storage and other data.


    The Agent can collect host data for the server on which it is installed, only. It cannot collect such data for a remotely monitored host.

  • Collects the data from the server, including obtaining the values and configuration of the MySQL server, status variables and other information.

  • Communicates with MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. Data is collected at scheduled intervals according to the schedule defined on the Advisors. This information is then sent to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

  • For MySQL 5.6.14 and greater, the Agent also collects digested query data from the Performance Schema and populates the Query Analyzer.


If an Agent monitors a MySQL instance remotely, it cannot monitor the host and can only collect data from the monitored MySQL instance.

The Agent runs as a service. The data collected by the Agent is defined by enabling, or disabling, MySQL Enterprise Monitor Advisors.