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B.1 The Inventory Page

The Inventory page cannot be accessed from the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface. To open the inventory page, you must edit the URL in the browser address bar. To open the Inventory page, enter the following address in your browser:


Where ServiceManagerHost is the address of your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and PortNumber is the port it listens on.

Enter the login details, if prompted to do so. The username and password are the same as those used to log in to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface.

All Inventory

The All Inventory page displays all recorded assets, current and historical, grouped into categories.

For example, selecting agent.Agent opens a page listing all the agents stored in the inventory. Selecting one of those agents, opens a page listing the details of that agent. Details such as the homeDir, version, and so on.

All MySQL Servers

The All MySQL Servers page displays all current, monitored MySQL instances. A historical record of instances is not kept. If a MySQL instance is deleted from the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface, it is deleted from the inventory and is not displayed in the All MySQL Servers inventory page.

All Hosts

The All Hosts page displays all current and historical hosts. Clicking one of the host links opens a page listing the details of that host. Details such as the number of CPUs, the file systems and the MySQL instances, if any, installed on that host.