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Chapter 30 Using the Query Analyzer

The MySQL Query Analyzer enables you to monitor SQL statements executed on a MySQL server and see details about each query, number of executions and execution times. Similar queries with different literal values are combined for reporting purposes.

Query Analyzer collects information about SQL statements that a MySQL client application sends to the MySQL server using the Performance Schema statement digests with MySQL Server 5.6.14 and above. Data can be gathered directly from MySQL Server without additional configuration, using a MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent.

For more information on the Query Analyzer user interface, see Section 30.3, “Query Analyzer User Interface”.

Once the data is collected, you view and monitor the queries, check the execution statistics, and filter and drill down on the information. By comparing the queries to the server graphs, you can correlate query execution with server status. For more information on viewing, filtering and reporting on the Query Analyzer data, see Section 30.3, “Query Analyzer User Interface”.