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4.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Installation Types

The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installer enables you to choose your installation type. This choice sets parameters which suit your installation type.

The following are the possible installation types:

  • Small: 1 to 5 MySQL Servers monitored from a laptop or low-end server with no more than 4GB of RAM.

  • Medium: Up to 100 MySQL Servers monitored from a medium-sized, but shared, server with 4 to 8GB of RAM.

  • Large: More than 100 MySQL Servers monitored from a high-end server, dedicated to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, with more than 8GB RAM.

These parameters are set in the following configuration files:

  • setenv.bat:

    • Tomcat Heap Size (-Xms and -Xmx): defines the minimum (-Xms) and maximum (-Xmx) amount of RAM available to Tomcat's JVM. -Xmx and -Xms are set to the same value.

    • Tomcat MaxPermSize: defines the maximum size of the pool containing the data used by Tomcat's JVM.

  • my.cnf/my.ini:

    • table_definition_cache: defines the number of table definitions that can be stored in the definition cache.

    • innodb_buffer_pool_size: defines the size, in megabytes, of the InnoDB buffer pool.

Table 4.1 Installation Parameters

Parameter Small Medium Large
Tomcat Heap Size 512MB 768MB 2048MB
Tomcat MaxPermSize 200MB 512MB 1024MB
table_definition_cache 800 2048 2048
innodb_buffer_pool_size 100MB 768MB 8096MB


These values are not hard-coded. You can change them, if your installation requires it, by editing, or my.cnf/my.ini.

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