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14.4 MySQL Instances Dashboard

The MySQL Instances dashboard presents information on the current connection status of all monitored instances. It also presents information on unsuccessful connections, uncontactable agents, and MySQL instances which are not yet monitored.

The MySQL Instances Dashboard contains the following:

  • MySQL Instance Details: this list is displayed by default. It lists all the currently monitored instances. If there is a problem with a connection to one of those instances, it is highlighted in red.

    For more information, see Section 14.4.2, “MySQL Instance Details”.

  • Unreachable Agents: displayed only if a previously contactable agent is no longer contactable.

    For more information, see Unreachable Agents.

  • Bad MySQL Connections: displayed if misconfigured connections exist.

    For more information, see Bad Connection Configurations.

  • Unmonitored MySQL Instances: lists the number of MySQL instances which are available, but currently unmonitored by MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

    For more information, see Unmonitored MySQL Instances.

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