MySQL 8.3 Error Reference  /  MySQL Error Reference

Chapter 1 MySQL Error Reference

This document provides a reference for the various types of error messages in MySQL:

  • Error messages produced only by the server: Chapter 2, Server Error Message Reference

    On the server side, error messages may occur during the startup and shutdown processes, as a result of issues that occur during SQL statement execution, and so forth.

    • The MySQL server writes some error messages to its error log. These indicate issues of interest to database administrators or that require DBA action.

    • The server sends other error messages to client programs. These indicate issues pertaining only to a particular client. The MySQL client library takes errors received from the server and makes them available to the host client program.

  • Error messages that originate only from within the MySQL client library: Chapter 3, Client Error Message Reference

    Client-side error messages are generated from within the MySQL client library, usually involving problems communicating with the server.

  • Error messages that are shared between the server and the client library: Chapter 4, Global Error Message Reference

    Some global error messages are shared in the sense that they can be produced by the MySQL server or by MySQL client programs.

For a description of the types of error information MySQL provides and how to obtain information about them, see Error Messages and Common Problems, in MySQL 8.3 Reference Manual.