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3.6.1 Requirements for Backup and Restore

This section provides information about basic requirements for performing backup and restore operations using MySQL Cluster Manager.

Requirements for MySQL Cluster backup.  Basic requirements for performing MySQL backups using MySQL Cluster Manager are minimal. At least one data node in each node group must be running, and there must be sufficient disk space on the node file systems. Partial backups are not supported.

Requirements for MySQL Cluster restore.  Restoring a MySQL Cluster using MySQL Cluster Manager is subject to the following conditions:

  • A complete restore requires that all data nodes are up and running, and that all files belonging to a given backup are available.

  • A partial restore is possible, but must be specified as such. This can be accomplished using the restore cluster client command with its --skip-nodeid option.

  • In the event that data nodes have been added to the cluster since the backup was taken, only those data nodes for which backup files exist are restored. In such cases data is not automatically distributed to the new nodes, and, following the restore, you must redistribute the data manually by issuing an ALTER ONLINE TABLE ... REORGANIZE PARTITION statement in the mysql client for each NDB table in the cluster. See Adding NDB Cluster Data Nodes Online: Basic procedure, for more information.