About MySQL Documentation

About MySQL Documentation

All of the MySQL documentation is written in-house, by a team of full-time technical writers. They include:

  • Stefan Hinz
  • Chris Cole
  • Paul DuBois
  • Margaret Fisher
  • Edward Gilmore
  • David Moss
  • Philip Olson
  • Daniel Price
  • Daniel So
  • Jonathan Stephens

All of the documentation is written in DocBook XML and then processed by various open-source tools, and custom in-house written utilities, into the various output formats.

Some basic statistics and information about the documentation:

  • Most documentation is available in HTML online, HTML downloadable, PDF, and other formats. For the reference manual, we also provide Unix man pages, and SQL help that you can insert into tables within your MySQL server and access through your MySQL client.
  • Documentation is rebuilt daily - every day (including weekends and holidays). In fact, a new build of the documentation is started every single time we check in a change to the Subversion repository. This can mean that we start a build up to 150 times a day. In reality, most of the documentation is recreated between five and ten times each day. New versions are made available roughly within an hour of being built.