About MySQL Documentation

About MySQL Documentation

All of the MySQL documentation is written in-house, by a team of full-time technical writers. They include:

  • Aijaz Fatima
  • Chris Cole
  • Daniel So
  • David Hollis
  • Edward Gilmore
  • Jonathan Stephens
  • Philip Olson
  • Stefan Hinz

All of the documentation is written in DocBook XML and then processed by various open-source tools, and custom in-house written utilities, into the various output formats.

Some basic statistics and information about the documentation:

  • Most documentation is available in HTML online, HTML downloadable, PDF, and other formats. For the reference manual, we also provide Unix man pages.
  • Documentation is rebuilt daily - every day (including weekends and holidays). In fact, a new build of the documentation is started every single time we check in a change to the Subversion repository. This can mean that we start a build up to 150 times a day. In reality, most of the documentation is recreated between five and ten times each day. New versions are made available roughly within an hour of being built.