MySQL 8.4.0
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namespace  dd
 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.
namespace  dd::anonymous_namespace{}
namespace  dd::upgrade


bool dd::anonymous_namespace{}::create_temporary_schemas (THD *thd, Object_id *mysql_schema_id, Object_id *target_table_schema_id, String_type *target_table_schema_name, Object_id *actual_table_schema_id)
void dd::anonymous_namespace{}::establish_table_name_sets (std::set< String_type > *create_set, std::set< String_type > *remove_set)
bool dd::anonymous_namespace{}::update_meta_data (THD *thd)
 Adjust metadata in source DD tables in mysql schema. More...
bool dd::anonymous_namespace{}::migrate_meta_data (THD *thd, const std::set< String_type > &create_set, const std::set< String_type > &remove_set)
 Copy meta data from the actual tables to the target tables. More...
bool dd::anonymous_namespace{}::update_object_ids (THD *thd, const std::set< String_type > &create_set, const std::set< String_type > &remove_set, Object_id mysql_schema_id, Object_id target_table_schema_id, const String_type &target_table_schema_name, Object_id actual_table_schema_id)
bool dd::upgrade::upgrade_tables (THD *thd)