WL#9492: Make --fail-check-testcase ON by default

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

WL#7730 added an option --fail-check-testcase that will make the test fail if
check-testcase fails. This is currently set to OFF because there are tests that
are known to fail this and we do not want to hamper MTR runs on developer

However the option is useful only it starts detecting problems when the test is
developed and pushed. This WL will set the option to ON by default.

In addition, the list of tests that fail with check-testcase are either fixed to 
run with check-testcase or if failure can't be avoided, then are modified to not 
to run with check-tescase.
Functional requirements:

FR-1 : --fail-check-testcase shall be ON by default

FR-2 : Tests failing with check-testcase either should be fixed to run with it or 
       should be modified to not to run with it.
New option --fail-check-testcases introduced in the WL#7730 is switched ON by