WL#8063: True bottom-up server parser: refactoring of the LOAD statement

Affects: Server-8.0   —   Status: Complete

This WL is intended to refactor LOAD DATA/XML statement grammar rules in a pure bottom-up style to make it context-independent for the better maintainability and extendibility.

Functional requirements


Non-functional requirements

NF-1: No performance degradation is expected.

User Documentation

No user-visible changes. No documentation required.

New classes

Class name Description
PT_load Parse tree root for LOAD DATA/XML
Sql_cmd_load Command class for LOAD DATA/XML

Removal of unneeded "global" variables

  • LEX::exchange
  • LEX::load_field_list
  • LEX::load_update_list
  • LEX::load_value_list
  • LEX::load_set_str_list
  • LEX::local_file