WL#7774: Make MTR sync_slave_sql_with_master.inc handle NDB

Status: Complete

  Make source include/sync_slave_sql_with_master.inc work as a replacement
  to sync_slave_with_master for NDB in MTR tests.

  Also make it possible to merge MySQL Server 5.6.17 into MySQL Cluster 7.3.5.

  The usage of mysqltest command sync_slave_with_master in MTR tests
  should in time be replaced.

  The current replacement source include/sync_slave_sql_with_master.inc
  does not work in exactly the same way for NDB.

  Committed transactions using the NDB engine are not directly binlogged
  but first packed in epochs.  This introduce an extra delay between
  commit and binlogging that must be taken into account when one wants
  to make sure a slave have replayed the committed transactions.

  In MySQL Cluster sync_slave_with_master is patched to make sure that
  current epoch is binlogged before taking master binlog position.

  In WL#7205 some uses of sync_slave_with_master is being replaced in
  some rpl tests.  These changes make the corresponding NDB test to fail.

  WL#7205 is part of MySQL Server 5.6.17 that is about to be merged into
  MySQL Cluster 7.3.5, and so this work must be done now.

  WL#7205: Make the MTR rpl suite GTID_MODE agnostic