WL#7279: Add engine clause to main suite subtest which requires myisam

Status: Complete

We are making main suite tests run with innodb default engine. Each test
contains multiple subtests. ( e.g "exmaple.test may be contain 100

Few tests are failing (when run with innodb as default engine) because one/more
of the subtest from ".test" are myisam specific. We can't skip run of test with
innodb as only small part of test is myisam.

We will be adding engine=myisam clause to table where subtest is myisam 
Hence it will make subtest run with myisam and rest of test with default engine.

Tests changed as part of this will be 
- Subtest is myisam feature 
- Subtest written for myisam bug

List of changed files:

User Documentation

Add "create table ..engine=myisam"  clause to subtest , and re-record tests with
expected results

Result files are required to modify major due to following changes(  apart
"engine=myisam" change)
- Expected difference in engine (as have_myisam is removed from test) value for
show create table command
- select order diff
- table data due to transactional behavior( statement rollback on duplication)