WL#7231: Support ICP for partitioned tables

Status: Complete

Partitioned tables do not support Index Condition Pushdown (ICP).

ICP was implemented in WL#2475, but never for ha_partition.

So this worklog will implement ICP for partitioned tables (if the underlying
engine supports it).

Related bug reports:
Functional requirements:

F1) Index condition pushdown will be supported for partitioned tables when the
underlying storage engines support it.

F2) Traditional Explain: When Index condition pushdown is used for partitioned
tables it will be visible in the "Extra" column as "Using index condition".

F3) Explain JSON: When Index condition pushdown is used for partitioned tables
the pushed index condition will be written in the "index_condition" field.

Non-functional requirements:

NF1) Performance: When index condition pushdown is not used for a partitioned
table there should be no performance degradation.

NF2) Performance: When index condition pushdown is used for a partitioned table
the performance should either be the same or improved depending on how many of
the records get filtered out by the underlying storage engine.
ICP uses an Item tree that assumes the record is stored in table->record[0],
which means ha_index* reads must be read to that buffer (or

Other than that just forward the idx_cond_push() call to all non-pruned partitions.

Error handling:
Current implementation in ha_myisam and ha_innobase takes the full Item tree or
nothing. So to avoid complex handling only support full pushdown or no pushdown.
If one partition fails to accept push down, then cancel the push down for the
already pushed partitions and then return the full expression from

As a possible extension, I've added code to do an extra pruning try to see if
the pushed condition would make it possible to prune away even more partitions.
I have not yet found a query where it helps, but I've added DBUG_ASSERTS which
will be triggered when such query is executed. If no such queries is found
during test and QA I will remove that code.
See attached patch.