WL#7112: Migrate federated test suite to run with innodb storage engine

Status: Complete

We have switched the default engine to innodb in MTR and added a line
force_myisam_default.inc to all existing tests. This WL will migrate the tests
in federated suite to actually run with innodb.

1)Migrate federated test suite i.e remove force_myisam_default.inc after
verifying that these are not MyISAM specific tests.

2)If there are any failures observed they should be fixed. 
1) removed "--source include/force_myisam_default.inc" line from all the
federated suite tests.

2) When federated test suite tests were run with InnoDB as default engine,
only one test failure was observed ( federated.test ).

Following was the failure seen :

CURRENT_TEST: federated.federated
    2013-06-03 15:52:03.138288000 +0300
+++ /home/akhila/work/repo/mysql-trunk/mysql-test/var/log/federated.reject     
2013-06-25 09:26:50.352442625 +0300
@@ -1152,6 +1152,9 @@
 int, i983 int, i984 int, i985 int, i986 int, i987 int, i988 int, i989 int, i990
 int, i991 int, i992 int, i993 int, i994 int, i995 int, i996 int, i997 int, i998
 int, i999 int, i1000 int, b varchar(256)) row_format=dynamic;
+Warning        1478    InnoDB: ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC requires innodb_file_format >
+Warning        1478    InnoDB: assuming ROW_FORMAT=COMPACT.
 DROP TABLE IF EXISTS federated.t1;
 CREATE TABLE federated.t1 
 (i1 int, i2 int, i3 int, i4 int, i5 int, i6 int, i7 int, i8

mysqltest: Result content mismatch

In the test there is a table that is created with dynamic row_format. 
So when this test runs with innodb engine, a warning would be shown saying that
it requires innodb_file_format > Antelope.
But the default value of innodb_file_format is Antelope.
Hence to fix this failure, the innodb_file_format is changed to Barracuda before
creating the table and set back to default value (Antelope) after dropping the