WL#701: Include build information into the mysqld binary

Status: Un-Assigned

It would be helpful for our support team, if it would be possible to   
obtain certain build information about the mysqld binary on run time, e.g.   
compiler/compiler version, build date, build host, operating system.   
Maybe these could be shown with SHOW VARIABLES?   
The following is from WL#1182 "Add Build information reporting to the server"   
(cancelled) by Peter Zaitsev:   
In some cases it would be very useful to know what is to know more about binary   
built options and source base.  It is especially interesting for Alpha cycle   
where people have to built release from the tree often.   
The following information might be interesting:   
1) BitKeeper last changeset   
2) Compiler name & version (at least for GCC)   
3) Built host & user name  (in case we'll build different binaries for similar    
platform ie for Normal and RedHat linux)   
4) Build time & date    
5) Compiler Flags   
6) Configure options    
+ possibly copy of "version"    
It shall be available via something like "SHOW BUILD INFORMATION" command,   
or just added to variables.   
Also we'd like to have some of this information to be dumped in the MySQL crash   
message so we would have more information.   
This task will not only need server coding but as well changing configure   
scripts and Integration with Bitkeeper.  
The following is from WL#365 (cancelled) "Add OS() function to mysqld"  
by Monty:  
"Add OS() function that reports the operating system the MySQL  
server was compiled on. We could also add this to 'SHOW VARIABLES'."  
The information could as easily be provided via an INFORMATION_SCHEMA table. 
See WL#2670 information_schema.server. 
Feature Request:
BUG#42971 Make mysqld self-describing by storing compile and bzr information in it