WL#6921: Migrate rpl suite to run with innodb engine

Status: Complete

We have switched the default engine to innodb in MTR and added a line
force_myisam_default.inc to all existing tests. This WL will migrate the rpl
suite to run with innodb engine

User Documentation

None required.
In the rpl_and i_rpl suites remove the force_myisam_default.inc from the .test
files that are not required to run with MyISAM.

* remove force_myisam_default.inc if a test case doesn't need MyISAM storage
engine (storage-independent test).
* replace force_myisam_default.inc by have_myisam.inc, if a test case requires
MyISAM engine but not as default engine.
* replace force_myisam_default.inc by have_myisam.inc and set MyISAM as default
storage engine (--default-storage-engine=MyISAM), if a test case requires to
keep current state [Instead of using force_myisam_default.inc].