WL#600: OS X: Publish iODBC-SDK for download

Status: Assigned

To make MyODBC work on Mac OS X with Microsoft Office, one needs to install the
iODBC SDK from http://www.openlinksw.com/. Luckily, openlinksw.com offers this
SDK under the LGPL or BSD license, which means we can freely distribute this
SDK. It is kind of difficult to obtain from their website because they make you
register before downloading and such.

I've uploaded the latest iODBC SDK (for OS X 10.2, Jaguar) to:


Please deliver this to the Web team, and have them link it one the MyODBC 3.51
download page along-side the MyODBC binary download for OS X.

Please make sure to have the Web team add a note saying: "GPL download courtesy
of www.openlinksw.com".