WL#5914: remove option "--all" and BDB errors from the "perror" program

Affects: Server-5.6   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Medium


"perror" (extra/perror.c) has this option:
  -a, --all           Print all the error messages and the number.
which is available on Linux, but not Windows and Solaris.
The code implementing this option produces the only 2 compiler warnings we have
on Linux, and cannot easily be fixed.
The option displays BDB errors, though BDB has been removed since 5.1.
It is not clear how this option is any useful: why would someone want to see all
error codes description? If one is hitting an error, "perror <the_error_code>"
will display the description for this error code.
A poll among internal developers, about removing this, was largely favourable to
Task is:
- in 5.5, make "perror --help" and "perror --all" display a warning like "option
--all is deprecated and will be removed in the next version"
- in 5.6, remove option "--all".

"perror <error_code>" will print BDB errors if error_code is a BDB error code,
for example
"../extra/perror -- -30999" prints
"MySQL error code -30999: DB_INCOMPLETE: Sync didn't finish".
This is useless as we don't support BDB anymore.
Task is: remove printing of BDB errors.