WL#5670: Remove SHOW NEW MASTER statement

Affects: Server-5.5   —   Status: Complete

NOTE: 2010-11-09: Feedback was solicited from stakeholders, but no decision has 
been made.
NOTE: 2010-11-24: ServerPT approved decision for removal in MySQL 5.5.

MySQL has an undocumented SHOW NEW MASTER statement that is unused. There is 
also a Com_show_new_master status variable that is mentioned only as a line in a 
summary table in the manual. The statement and the status variable should be 

The only mention of SHOW NEW MASTER occurs at

Disabled the use of SHOW NEW MASTER FOR SLAVE as this needs to be completely 
reworked in a future release.

It is evident that nothing was ever "reworked".

This WL task is a proposal is to remove SHOW NEW MASTER (and 
Com_show_new_master) immediately in MySQL 5.5.

We will forego the usual procedure of deprecating a feature in the current 
series and removing it later. The justification for this is that the feature is 
undocumented and unlikely to be in used by anyone.