WL#5467: Cluster: Add Auto-Link Markup for NDB Config Params

Affects: Server-7.x   —   Status: Complete   —   Priority: Medium

Information regarding NDB node configuration parameters is already aggregated in
mysqldoc/dynamic-docs/command-optvars/ndb-config-params.xml and used to generate
summary tables in section mysql-cluster-params-overview ( (in

The current task is to utilise this info/file in adding auto-link markup to
these parameters where they occur in the text of the Manual so that they'll be
linked to their descriptions in section mysql-cluster-config-file (also in

Examples (according to convention actually implemented):

<literal role="ndbparam:api">ArbitrationRank</literal> --> link to
<para id="ndbparam-api-arbitrationrank">

<literal role="ndbparam:mgmd">ArbitrationRank</literal> --> link to
<para id="ndbparam-mgmd-arbitrationrank">

Implementation also provides for Cluster [system] configuration parameters in
the event that these ever become supported for end users.