WL#4917: SEAGULL: Discover tables without .frm from NDB

Status: Assigned   —   Priority: Medium

Tables created in NDB can only be used from a connected MySQL Server is the
table was created by a MySQL Server, this is since the MySQL Server writes the
.frm(table metadata blob) into the NDB database and then read it back to use
that table. This is annoying for new clients like OpenLDAP or OpenDS to require
that a MySQL Server is configured in order to create the tables in MySQL Cluster.

It should be possible for a MySQL Server to use tables in NDB that have not been
created by MySQL Server. All the metadata about the table is already stored in
NDB and  from that we should be able to create a SQL string to run in the MySQL
Server in order to create it's .frm file.

To start with, this feature should only be used when no .frm file is found in
NDB or if the option --ndb-no-frm. This option can then later be the default and
the need to save .frm into NDB be removed(or made optional).